Chobe Advisers, LLC is an advisory firm focused on strategic management consulting and development of high impact closed-loop energy and agriculture projects with an Environmental, Social and Governance approach. The team leverages relationships built through decades of strategic consulting and management projects across the globe, providing our projects, partners and clients with expertise in renewable energy, commodities (energy, mining, and agriculture), life sciences, technology, logistics, finance, and venture capital.

The Chobe team has extensive experience evaluating, advising, financing, and developing commercial and utility scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Chobe energy, agriculture and commodity initiatives focus on markets in the United States and internationally that are under-served and have the potential to combine renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other environmental technologies to create long-term competitive advantages for our clients, partners and projects.

Chobe’s expertise and relationships with local, state, federal, and international governments and NGO’s give us the unique ability to help our projects, partners and clients utilize every possible advantage and incentive available to achieve the critical mass necessary for sustainable success.

Empire State Greenhouses, LLC (ESG), a subsidiary of Chobe Advisers, LLC.

Building the Future of Agriculture Today

  • Beyond net zero – carbon negative.
  • Renewable energy powered.
  • Certified organic crop factory.
  • Focused on food security and sustainability.