Agriculture Project Development

We leverage our energy expertise and our strong relationships with food distributors and grocery chains to develop commercial scale certified organic agriculture projects that produce multiple food products sharing a common net-zero energy infrastructure. We implement a variety of restorative agriculture practices that conserve water, improve water quality, build soils, sequester carbon dioxide, and protect the environment.

Net zero energy greenhouses that combine renewable energy with geothermal earth batteries, phase change materials, insulation, energy curtains, solar air conditioning, solar thermal, and LED grow lights create competitive advantages eliminating 1/4 to 1/3 of a grower’s cost structure while increasing yields from using vertical growing methods.

Mushrooms grown in climate controlled certified organic net zero energy indoor growing facilities provide high margin crops sold to the same customers as greenhouses while using biomass and fertilizers produced from agroforestry operations on broad acre properties – particularly ones with large forest or steep mountain tracts. 

We leverage USDA Environmental Quality Improvement Grants to revitalize farmland to implement conservation best practices including agroforestry, forest stand improvement, irrigation systems, keyline plowing, rotational grazing, terraces, swales, fencing, livestock watering, waste management, and riparian buffers.