Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Solar photovoltaic power systems are increasingly the lowest cost per KWH generator of electricity and are changing the dynamics of the energy market. We find that the best opportunities in renewable energy are for projects that help commercial and government customers minimize demand charges and generate their own power for less than what they are currently paying their electric utility.

We start by evaluating customer sites, their power usage patterns, and their exposure to future increases in utility rates. This allows us to identify opportunities for energy efficiency, load shifting, energy storage, and renewables. Most projects leverage a mix of technologies. We also work with the customer to finance their project and leverage our relationships with a number of banks, investment funds, and lenders.

We work with all types of solar installations from the easiest roof or ground mount system to the most challenging salt water floating or mountain slope environment

Flat roof and pile driven or ballasted ground mount systems are the easiest and fastest to install with the lowest cost but not all sites will have suitable roofs or unshaded unused ground

Parking carport structures can be an option for sites with large parking lots but these systems have higher costs, especially when architectural design enhancements are needed for aesthetics


Sites with bodies of flat water or steep south facing slopes can convert marginal land into productive solar sites but these sites have higher costs and require higher levels of expertise and product quality

Payback periods for solar vary from 3 to 15+ years depending on the project economics, utility electric rates, and incentives